About Us

We present to you, biggest cultural fest Medha, with its inception in the year 2016, is the students fest of Amrutvahini Sheti and Shikshan Vikas Sanstha,Sangamner. Spread across a span of three days, the fest provides students right from schools,junior colleges and under graduate colleges a chance to participate and explore. Be it an exposure into the different worlds of dance ,singing ,fashion show, instrument playing ,Musical drama, skits participating and showcasing talent in a cultural extravaganza or showing their competitive spirit through sports, Medha has it all.The major attraction here are the prizes given to the students and competition for medha cup.It has became an unforgettable experience for all.

   The Guests of 2018 are the best attraction.

   Events like martial arts yoga are given importance.

   The morning sessions will start at 9:00 and the evening at 6:00.

   FoodStalls are provided.

   Medha cup


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Our Motivators

Hon.Mr.Balasaheb Thorat

Ex-Revenue Minister of Maharashtra                                  

Hon.Dr.Sudhirji Tambe

Maharashtra Legislative Council                                        

Hon.Mrs.Sharayu Deshmukh

Trustee,Amrutvahini Sheti & vikas Sanstha Sangamner

Mr. Rajvardhan Thorat

Youth Leader and Founder of Medha